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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who are those guys?

Belinda backstage

I love that you readers know stuff that I don't know!

Fred posted this comment -
This Belinda photo on your archives... those two guys ended up in the most popular (circa 83-84) lineup of the Joneses. They were brothers. The dark haired guy tried out for the Cramps but didn't get the gig.

Thanks Fred! I didn't know that. I wonder if Belinda does.

Lux Interior
Lux Interior of The Cramps

I'm very excited, and I hope you New Yorkers are too -- Dead Boys at CBGB two nights in a row! August 26 & 27.

Jimmy Zero, in a reunion hug if ever there was one.

If you get shut out of that show on the 26th, go up the street to Otto's Shrunken Head and see another Cleveland band, a bit younger but just as fierce, The New Lou Reeds.New Lou Reeds in WIlliamsburg

The New Lou Reeds DO NOT play Velvet Underground covers... they're more like the Minutemen so there ya go.

Its a great weekend for punk rock - again, if you are shut out of the Dead Boys on the 27th, Kid Congo is playing at 1 in the morning on Saturday (it will really be Sunday... but get there Saturday night, OK?).

Saturday, August 27 at the CSV Center –107 Suffolk Street at Rivington. $10 entry. 10 pm – 4 am. Brought to you as part of the HOWL! Festival.
Rubulad and FEVA present Children of Lost City: a multi-media extravaganza in which we celebrate New York in the before-time, a time in which parks were open 24 hours a day and a beer on the stoop with your pals couldn’t get you a weekend in the clink. A time when art and music flourished on the streets and in the clubs, before orange alerts, machine gun soldiers, random bag searches and three million dollar studio apartments. It happened here. Do you remember?

Kid, of course was in the Cramps.

Rest up today... its a BIG WEEKEND.

Happy Birthday to Brendan Bourke, wherever you are - NOT the publicist guy of Tag Team Media in NYC, but the British guy who was once Billy Idol's manager and worked with Gary Kurfirst at Radioactive... the one who made it possible for Pleasant and me to have quality time with Billy Idol back in 1978. yes, YOU! I never forget a birthday.

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fred said...

also wanted to mention that Donna Rhia was also from NPHS as well, making that 3 Germs from Newbury Park, if you include Belinda. I didn't graduate til '81 so I didn't know them, but did manage to see the Germs!