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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Punk Rock Movies

GERMS, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

So...there's more than one movie about the Germs in the works. People I know in LA take sides. I really know nothing about either one, except the names associated with each production.

More than anything, it seems pretty divisive to me. I read this and I've read people posting in various places over sides they've taken.

What seems more important to me than any of the arguments between parties about who's making the better or more real movie is that the time has come where the cultural barometer actually has space for multiple movies on one topic to be made.

I know of a documentary project about Jeffrey Lee Pierce, where I may even contribute an interview of my memories.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980

And then I've read postings online from another person gathering info, materials and all the usual obscura for a documentary on Jeffrey.

Again... I don't know whose will get finished or what kind of support either filmmaker is getting from Jeffrey's friends and family. It just seems that in both instances - Darby Crash and Jeffrey Lee Pierce believed themselves to be misunderstood and frequently felt unloved (or felt their love unrequited), and the fascination with them years after they've passed away contradicts these men's own self-doubts.

It makes me sad that they're gone.

Darby Crash 1977

I'm just glad they're not forgotten.

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