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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Next Big Thing...

Darby Crash 1977, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Punks already know that Darby Crash and The Germs made a lasting impact on rock n roll - not just in Los Angeles, but far and wide.

The Los Angeles Times today gives some coverage to punk rock, telling us its not dead. Rather than re-print the article here, and because of copyright issues, I give you this link to the piece - you do have to register with the LA Times online to read it, however.

In essence, the Times tells us about the two Germs movies being made and discusses other documentaries that are in the pipeline and festival circuit that you can look forward to.

No... punk ain't dead. It's not even the next big thing. It kept living, "critics" just started to pay attention again.

After the initial punk heyday of roughly 1976 - 1980, there was a lull in music, at least for me. The 80s brought us "corporate rock" and even people who did "dangerous" things did not have the spirit that punk rockers had. Punk rock became a fashion genre to many people. But the 90s felt a rebirth of punk rock - maybe it was the 20-year cycle or something BUT....

You had the Oblivians and the Gories, each bringing the party back and bringing something new with it. Rock n roll has never been the same.

Here's Greg Oblivian today - Greg Cartwright - of the Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, and now Reigning Sound.

Southpaw Greg at Southpaw Brooklyn

And here's Mick Collins of the Gories and Dirtbombs

Soul Man

From the Oblivians and Gories members, you also get the following bands making records and playing out today. Go see them; buy their records. You will be very glad you did:

Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers (Jack Oblivian); Dutch Masters (Eric Oblivian); Demolition Dollrods (Danny Kroha from the Gories)

You can find the best punk and garage-punk records these days on In the Red, Sympathy for the Record Industry and on Eric Oblivian's Goner Records. Each of those labels is run by men who love the music, live the music and bring you the music you love. Support them!

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Eric said...

Wow, what great stuff! I found this site via the Goner message board and I'm amazed at the photos and stories. Glad to see someone is putting all of this material out there for us (comparitively) young 'uns to take in