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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Lobotomy, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

Pleasant, Randy Detroit, Kid Congo, Brad Dunning and I were the various Lobotomy "staff." Pleasant and Randy dreamed up Lobotomy and we all did stuff for it.

I had the Famous Lobotomy Apartment, as I was the one amongst us who had her own place. That's where we threw quite a lot of parties as well as created several issues of the zine. I also took a lot of pictures for this zine.

Pleasant and Randy decided what we were going to cover from live reviews, band interviews and records reviews. More often than not, Pleasant's bedroom was ground zero for Lobotomy planning meetings. We'd ALL OF US go on the interview.

Pictured here is a copy of when the Mumps were featured on the cover of the VERY FIRST ISSUE, that was naturally full of stories about our friends like the Mumps and The Runaways. The Mumps were among our favorite people, for sure. As I grew up in California, Lance Loud and Kristian Hoffman were my heroes because they left home, Santa Barbara - which is also my hometown - and moved to New York and met people like Andy Warhol the minute they set foot on Manhattan soil.

Lance & the Crocodile Tears dance
Lance Loud

One great thing Kristian did for me and Pleasant and Lobotomy...he told The Cramps about us. As soon as they came to town, we were hanging out with them. We were able to feature them in Lobotomy in a big way.

Lux Interior
Lux Interior

I think we interviewed everyone! My particular favorite interview was Rick Buckler from The Jam who responded to questions with questions. One of his answers, "oh, is that like 'what color is your mother?' " I think you had to be there, but trust me, it was funny!

Billy Idol was often a featured artist.

Idol shopping

If you look closely at this picture, you can see Pleasant on the non-camera side of Billy. We took it upon ourselves to show him around Hollywood. I think we showed him a great time. He even spent a night at the Famous Lobotomy apartment. He cleaned up after himself; washed dishes and listened to Bruce Springsteen. Didn't you just know then that Billy would end up on commercial radio? He was on the path...Look at this adulation:

Billy Idol in Hollywood

There will be a lot more Lobotomy stories. But I do have to go to bed now... more later!

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what Black Randy, no Tomato Du Plenty and where are The "I hate the rich" commie rockers, DILS??