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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

CBGB Gallery Auction

Jett Idol, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

This picture of Joan Jett and Billy Idol is one of the several photos I am donating to the CBGB Gallery Auction that will open on August 31. Many other photographers in NYC are donating as well - so if the CBGB cause is something you want to contribute to, and you want something in return - please check out CBGB online and mark your calendar for August 31.

You may not be able to put your arms around a memory, but you can put up an 11x14 print that helps you remember.

Other images I am donating include:

Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone

Debbie Harry and Blondie

and a really nice BW image of the Cramps that has only been seen at the Grimey's and NYCD exhibits so far. Come on down to CBGB and see for yourself! Its Lux and crew sitting around a crystal ball, from 1978 and it was shot inside the erstwhile fabulous and trashy Tropicana Motel.

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