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Monday, June 27, 2005

Thank you, Nashville

Thank you Nashville, indeed. Thank you Grimey's and Mike Grimes and Doyle Davis, and thank you The Basement and a big thank you to the Reigning Sound, and Greg Cartwright, who have indulged my passion for their music all year long, including their show on my birthday in Cleveland, the Horizontal Action Blackout in Chicago where we warmed the merch table together and now in Nashville, where they helped me celebrate something once again.

Thank you Nashville Scene for the nice words about my work. Thanks for printing my fave image of Dee Dee and Stiv.

I just wanted to say that if you aren't in Nashville and can't make it to Grimey's to see the photos, and if you want to buy one, quite a lot of the photos that are hanging up at Grimey's right now are also available in my Online Store. Including the one below:

Thanks to Dave's friend Catherine's friend from Louisville for asking... I am reminded that yes, you can get these color pix at consumer prices, just with the click of the mouse. You can also buy a copy of the poster for this show! Click here to see that poster. Click here to buy this photo

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