The Dickies

Leonard of the Dickies

You drive me ape, you big gorilla! This is Leonard of the Dickies, and that's Stan Lee's back toward you. This photo was taken on my birthday in 1978 - April 14. The Dickies opened for The Jam at the now-defunct Starwood, which was located on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights in West Hollywood, CA. Leonard is on crutches because some night earlier in the week, he leaped from the balcony of the Starwood on to the stage and broke his leg or his foot or both. I've also got shots of him in a wheelchair.

No, Leonard was not deterred from his wacky and chaotic antics by this injury. The Dickies were like cartoon characters and put on a silly show at full speed. Leonard has one of those voices that sounds like he sucked on a helium balloon. Well, he can do one of those voices at any rate.

The Eyes opened the bill. Charlotte Caffey, who would later be a Go-Go was in the Eyes and she and Leonard were an item too!

There are so many Dickies stories to many fun photos too! I'm gonna have to save them for a time when I am not so tired. I just returned from the Ding Dong Lounge, my favorite punk rock bar, way uptown in Manhattan. If you're in NYC, please come and hang out and say HEY to Bill and Steve, the owners. They are two gems among the music supporters in this town who are able to give back to the music by hosting cool shows in their way cool bar.

Lastly, I do want to say that the Dickies ARE touring again - its just Leonard and Stan from the original line-up, but its still those songs! Catch 'em while you can.


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