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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Horizontal Action Blackout!

It may be 2005, but they've got their punk on at Horizontal Action. There's no question what this magazine is about, but there is "rock n roll" at the end of that famous phrase... and next week, Horizontal Action is throwing down its annual Blackout, featuring the best of today's bad-ass, mostly underground bands that you might call punk. Thanks to the kind folks at Horizontal Action and The Empty Bottle, namely, Todd Killings, Matt Williams and Pete Toalson, those of you who attend this wild weekend of music will get to see some of my vintage punk photos, as well as some photos of contemporary musicians who fit nicely into the mix.

There's no question that sex sells, and here's an image full of sex appeal. Mr. Airplane Man are Margaret Garrett and Tara McManus. Their reverb-heavy blues is some of the sexiest stuff I've ever heard...a moanin' at midnight urgency that they've managed to capture on to record. Their C'Mon DJ was named as Record of the Year by WFMU's Three Chord Monte. Might just have to print a few of these just for Chicago -

Girls & cars

At the same time, to fit in with my theme of Punk Turns 30, you'll see real copies of some of the photos that paved the way for me in this racket - images you may remember from your record collection or back issues of old magazines, like Creem.

You know this one - the cover of the 7" of the Germs first single, "Forming." I will have some out-takes from this session, taken in Pat Smear's West LA garage.

This next photo was published in over 40 magazines and fanzines around the world back in 1978! I am also happy to report that its presence on this here blog has reconnected me with Billy Idol as well. I can't wait to see him - right after the Blackout!

Jett Idol

No exhibit of vintage punk pictures at an event celebrating the sex appeal of rock n roll would be complete without our favorite Blonde...

I don't know if this is the Blondie photo that I'll be bringing, because I've found one a little more appropriate for Horizontal Action. You'll just have to wait and see.

Now here's the good news and the bad news part.

The good news is that my favorite band, The Reigning Sound is playing Friday night! Not only do I get to see them, but I'm telling myself that by exhibiting at this gig, I'm in a lopsided way, one of their support acts! Hahahaha. It's been an exciting year for me, because I've been able to see and hear Greg Cartwright just about once a month since we rang in 2005. Here's a photo of Greg and me taken in Detroit at the Belmont Bar in January, when he played a solo gig and DJ'd.

Me & My Hero

Now here's the bad news part. Periodically, when I'm in a good record store and someone hears my name, inevitably a couple record collector guys will ask me if I am the same Theresa Kereakes who photographed The Pandoras for their "Hot Generation" 7" sleeve. Well, the only other Theresa Kereakes I know is my grandmother and she didn't really get into rock n roll. Yes, I'm that Theresa. Well... I photographed that session for Bomp and I do not possess the slides. Since Greg Shaw's untimely passing, the archives and assets at Bomp are no longer accessible to me. I imagine that his survivors are wading through his comprehensive collection and won't emerge with any kind of catalog of it for ages. So there won't be any out-takes of Paula Pierce, Julie Patchouli and crew for you to see in person. But you do have this:

If anyone reading this is planning to attend the Blackout and want to buy some photos, please find me. I'll be at the band merch table. Also, there's still time to put in a request for a specific band's photo. I'll take a pre-order and bring it to the show. Check the LINKS on the right and click on the Photos Available for HoZac Blackout link. If you see something you want, email me and we'll start the process. I'm making prints on Sunday, so if you're thinking about this option, think fast!

For buying photos at any time, please visit this link.

See you in Chicago!

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