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Monday, April 11, 2005

Rodney on the ROQ

Rodney Bingenheimer, pictured here with our favorite grrl, Joan Jett, who as you can see, loves him, has done more for LA punk and punk rock in general than any other DJ.

He debuted The Germs and every other LA punk band when they had records to be debuted, and often he was the only one spinning those records.

KROQ management has moved Rodney's Sunday night show to the wee, wee hours when the maximum listenership is not tuned in. That's a shame for two reasons: 1) Rodney deserves to keep his old time slot because he did so much to put KROQ on the map at the time and historically, and 2) How are you gonna hear your favorite punk records and new releases?

There is a petition online that you can sign addressing this. Get Rodney back to his original time slot! Check it out here: and tell all your friends to sign it too!

Very special thanks to my new friend and fellow Aries rock sister, Kayleen for reminding me of that petition, and thanks also for signing the CBGB's petition.

Thanks also to Jenny Lens for the cool Polaroid of Rodney and Joan.

Penelope Avenger & Rodney
Penelope Avenger on the ROQ with Rodney

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