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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Girls on Film, on TV and Online

Beautiful Alice Bag in a Jenny Lens photo, captured at the Masque Benefit.

I don't know if you know how much Alice Bag is doing to promote girl power and keep the story straight on LA Punk. For a good time, check out her website, its easy: Alice Bag Dot Com

In addition to her comprehensive collection of original gig flyers and cool graphics, what I always enjoy on Alice's site is her growing archive of interviews with LA Punk Women. What you don't know about early LA punk and want to know, you can learn here. The most recent interview, with Pleasant, is a fantastic peek at the secret world of punk rock's perennial "It Girl." You probably think she had it easy, hanging out with rock stars, and all, like she is pictured here,

with Joan Jett and Billy Idol - that's Pleasant Billy is talking to as Joan looks on.

Well, read the whole story and find out. Pleasant has worked very hard; she just makes it look easy. That's a trait and a skill that Renaissance people called sprezzatura. And if that interests you at all, pick up a 500 year old book by Baldesar Castiglione called "The Book of the Courtier." You see, none of this stuff is exactly new...

While you're online, why don't you click on over to Razorcake for an interview with Jenny Lens. You will learn about our plans for film and tv while you're there.

For some more reading about punk and the accomplishments of us punks, check out Cleveland's Free Times where yours truly is interviewed about my experiences as Stiv Bators' ad hoc tour manager and life-long friend.

Stiv Icon

Now for something completely different, but totally in character, as I am also an April Fool - Happy Birthday, Clint Holley!


Alice Bag said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm afraid I can no longer guarantee a good time...but perhaps an interesting one. I'm so glad that we are all speaking up and taking control of our own history.

Alice Bag said...

P.S. Nicole Panter's interview is coming up this Friday.