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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I Predict...

The next punk type band you'll fall in love with are Demons Claws from Montreal, Canada...

I've been following them for about a year now...they play a crazed, wild, psychotic and unhinged strain of punk that owes as much to the woefully underrated and genius Cheater Slicks as they do to the wonderful Back from the Grave compilations. They're minimal and scary in a good way...they have a crazy sense of humor too. Notice the antlers in the shot?

They are, from left to right - Ysael, Pat Meteor, Jeff, Piero and Brian. That's a slight personnel change from last year... Skip Jensen has gone off on his own and Brian is now providing the drum beats. Piero of the Fatals toured with Demons Claws this year and kept guesting with them on keyboards and guitar until it seemed he was an intrinsic part of the line up.

Expect a new record later this year from the reliable In The Red Records label, based in LA.

Here are the Demons Claws (and their friend BBQ) from various visits to the USA:

Pat Meteor and BBQ

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