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Monday, October 31, 2005

Night of the Living Dead Boys

Taken last year by Jim Lanza, who organized the Dead Boys Reunion, here's me and Stiv onstage at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland after the show. I can't tell you how PROUD I was that Stiv was represented onstage by three photos of him that I took. You know those photos - I reprise them here a lot. Get Hip Records founder and Cynics guitarist, Gregg Kostelich told me that he remembered those photos from his college days. You know, the whole time I was on the road with Stiv, I never realized the impact he and the Dead Boys had on the world. It was so different if you were on our side of the stage. We struggled to make $10 do the job of $50, and more often than not, there'd be six of us in a hotel room that should not have more than two people in it. Nevertheless, I wouldn't give up those experiences for anything!

This year, the Dead Boys are doing another reunion show in Cleveland, again at the Beachland. Its being documented this time! I really do wish I could be there, and nothing hurts more than not being able to be with my punk brothers...except on this day, that I'm earning my living as a cinematographer instead. In Hollywood. And actually, Stiv would have encouraged me to.

If you're in the greater Cleveland area, I would suggest trying to get into this show. There's no one better to entertain you on Halloween than the Dead Boys! Also, make sure you catch the Rainy Day Saints who are opening.

Rainy Day Saints

Here's Cheetah with his son, Rogan. Future punk rock guitar player, to be sure!

For more photos of Stiv and Jimmy and Cheetah, scroll down and check the archives for October. This month has been a parade of Dead Boys!

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!