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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

The Cheetah Chrome Family

It takes quite a formidable, no-nonsense lady to be the mother of Cheetah Chrome's child. The Cheetah Chromes, above, Anna, little Rogan (now 3 years old) and Cheetah.

People always used to ask me, back in my 20s, if I wanted to have kids. My response was always but always, "Why do I need kids when I have the Dead Boys?" Those guys were definitely a handful!

small tk stiv
me & big bro Stiv, 1979

Stiv specifically - while mostly like a big brother to me, was also like a child... Stiv had a few "moms" - two in LA - me and Chris Marlowe, who would always have a spare room for him and a hiding place for him when he was dating more than one girl at a time. There is of course, a real Mrs. Bator - Marion. Nice nice lady. I'm not going to call her long-suffering. No - Stiv would only act like a big baby around his age peers. He had nothing but the utmost respect for his real parents.

Because today is Mothers Day - a "holiday" created by greeting card companies that I don't exactly subscribe to, I will take the opportunity to show you some photos of rock n roll moms...

Michael & Angela
Angela Davis, the ultimate Svengirly - pictured here with her husband MC5 bassist Michael Davis, the bonafide punk rock expert of that crew. Angela has 3 boys plus she manages bands... so, he has a lot more kids than she gave birth to.

chrissie hynde tower in store 1980
Chrissie Hynde pictured here in 1980, wearing the be-leaguered look of an overwhelmed rock star... a look she probably wore a lot during the years when her kids were very young too. Chrissie Hynde's oldest child, Natalie Rae is now 25. Natalie's dad is Kinks main man, Ray Davies. Natalie's younger sister, Yasmin Kerr, 22, is Chrissie's daughter with Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr. Classic, punk and new wave rock royalty anyone?

hausfrau for the web
Believe it or not, Go Go Belinda Carlisle has a 16 year old son - James Duke Mason - with her husband, Morgan Mason. Back in 1978, when this photo was taken, all the hip hausfraus dressed like that . . . it was straight out of Vogue.

char rodney
Go Go's guitarist Charlotte Caffey (above with DJ Rodney Bingenheimer) is the matriarch of another rock n roll family with her husband Redd Kross singer Jeff MacDonald.

Patti, Dark & Light
Patti Smith and the late Fred Sonic Smith (MC5) had two kids - Jackson and Jesse. Young Jackson Smith pictured below, is also a guitar player like his dad...

Jackson Smith

My dear friend, B Girls bassist, Cynthia Ross is also a punk rock mom whose daughter carries on the musical tradition!

cynthia portrait
Cynthia Ross

And here is me (looking like Boris Yeltsin, I swear) and my Mom (not a rock star, but a fashion designer; she liked Rod Stewart and also The Who, however), photographed in Madrid on Easter Sunday, 1960.

tk mom madrid 1960-small
I always liked the color pink...

MAY 12 - Happy Birthday MAC!!
woody and mac, 1984
Ronnie Wood with birthday man, Ian McLagan

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