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Friday, August 05, 2005

Why Girls Rule

dorien, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

I have a ton of vintage photos of vintage punk ladies, but last weekend, two punk ladies currently making music showed just how strong they are.

I'm going off on two tangents here... so first, let me introduce you to these lovely ladies here.

In the foreground, Dorien Garry, former keyboard player for Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, and currently one of the best and sweetest road/tour managers you can find. In the background, Ko, currently playing fuzz for the Dirtbombs, but who fronts her own project called appropriately, Ko & the Knockouts.

The Dirtbombs are one of my favorite currently recording, currently touring bands. They put on a fantastic live show. Two drummers, two bassists, one amazing front man on guitar. If you don't already love this band, get all their records and fall in love with this band and their music.

Last weekend, The Dirtbombs played in NYC and NJ. Their show at Maxwell's went off without a hitch and was packed to the rafters, as it usually is when the Dirtbombs come to town. However, the next night (Friday, July 29) at the Knitting Factory, during the first song, Ko broke a bass string, and tried to yank it out. It sliced her index finger open. Blood was spurting everywhere. It looked like a war zone and people weren't really sure what was going on. She continued to try to play. And then Troy seeing what had happened, picked her up and carried her offstage. Mighty Mishka Shubaly, cool musician in his own right, taped Ko's finger up and she went back out to play some more.

While this was going on to the shock and horror of those on stage and in the audience, Dorien had recruited me and others to track down drummer Ben Blackwell's Mom, Maureen who was at the show and somewhere in the audience. She is also a medical professional. Maureen was already on the case and was backstage ministering to Ko's delicate finger, ripped open by the string.

Thankfully, super dude Marc Bauer, of The Agency Group, who book the Dirtbombs was not only at the show, but has a car. He drove Ko to the hospital and she got stitched up.

Alas, Ko missed the rest of the show, and returned after the Dirtbombs finished playing.

It was a weird night, but the band, all of them, even the one in the ER, soldiered on.

So... we've established that Girls Are Strong, Resourceful and On The Case.

It just gives me another opportunity to remind you that the beautiful, kind and talented, Alice Bag has a great website and has created an amazing archive of stories of LA Punk through the eyes of the women who were in the middle of it.

Click right now and check out the LA Women in Punk Archive at Alice Bag dot com. You'll be glad you did.

Happy Birthday to Jeremy Scott and your dad!

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