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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Batusis US Tour - 1 Week Left!

There is NOTHING like seeing a living rock legend up close and personal. NOTHING!

Living in Nashville, where so many records are made and where so many musicians live, we almost take it for granted, just like when I grew up in LA and when I lived in NYC for 20 years... you can't spit without hitting a famous person, so you take them in stride, and soon they become "that guy in the Porsche at the red light by the Beverly Hills Hotel" (although for me, that guy was mostly always Paul Newman.)

Right now, a small faction of the USA is enjoying what the UK just did -- Cheetah Chrome and Syl Sylvain on tour with their Batusis.

These guys are living legends of rock n roll. They're the pioneers of both glam and punk rock and they are touring together in support of their EP.

As such, you get to hear the entire EP in their set and you get to hear the Dead Boys and New York Dolls songs they wrote and made infamous.

Best of all, on this tour, Batusis are doing quite a few in-store appearances - totally free, and they'll autograph your record and other memorabilia... you can tell them how much you love them and all that.

Catch up with Batusis schedule on the usual social networking sites to note when they're in your neck of the woods:

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