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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Things That Aren't Here Anymore: Los Angeles!

WEB jam marquee

Sure, you've seen this photo a few times on this blog... you know the story about The Jam show at the Starwood on April 14, 1978 (my birthday!)... if you read this blog regularly, you also know how Leonard Graves Phillips of The Dickies once famously leaped from the VIP balcony at the Starwood on to the stage, and in so doing, broke his ankle, but continued performing and returned the second night of their stint to perform from a wheel chair and on his crutches.

blurry leonard chair small

The Starwood is one of a few "Things That Aren't Here Anymore" being featured on the television special of the same name.

The special is airing on Los Angeles PBS station KCET this Thursday, June 10.

Last month, I flew to Los Angeles for a hit n run on-camera visit with the show's producers, Saul Gonzalez and Isaac Mizrahi. We talked about The Starwood, Rodney's English Disco, Tiny Naylor's, Flipper's, Japanese Deer Park and a handful of other places that aren't part of LA's physical landscape anymore ( I have shared many photos with them, so at least you'll get to see what I saw!).

rodney pretty baby

If you are reading this, you're already gonna be interested in watching this show! You like 70s pop culture and are interested in what was going on in Los Angeles during that phenomenal era. SO.... if you're in Southern California... from the desert to the sea, you've GOT TO WATCH this program. Rodney Bingenheimer (pictured above) and Cherie Currie of the Runaways, plus a host of other native Angelenos reminisce and share their photo albums.

As a former PBS producer, I have high expectations for shows like this, and I'm sure you do too. Its a winner! Follow the show's pre-broadcast parade of hints and info on their
Facebook page, which is here

And while you're at it... make a pledge to PBS... keep shows like this alive and in production!

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