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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Lance Loud, the late, great Mumps front man, writer, raconteur, iconoclast and icon in one... (pictured in the halcyon days of punk rock, 1977).

Lance Loud was proud to be Loud, to be gay, to be fabulous and was famous for being simply himself: loud, proud, gay and fabulous.

On this Gay Pride 2010, I salute my friend, the late Lance Loud, and all my fabulous loud proud friends. When the phrase "let your freak flag fly" was coined, it certainly included Lance! Keep your eyes on the HBO for an upcoming documentary about the PBS series that starred the man who inadvertently mid-wifed reality 1972! More on that later...

Now, celebrate Pride, in the name of love! and I don't mean the song by U2, but best wishes to Bono for a speedy recovery, just the same, and thanks ever so for a quotable turn of phrase!

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