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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From the dead of winter....

I saw the Slits in Los Angeles on November 11, 1980 -- that's winter in most places. But as you know, the warm California sun and all... November and December in LA can be the most temperate months of all! Look at those gals! They're wearing summer clothes and enjoying the mild weather on a winter's evening on the Sunset Strip.

Its 28 degrees from where I write at this moment... and that's balmy for winter in many locales. But its bitter. The wind bites. Snow falls occasionally. I wear my socks to sleep because it's that cold to me! Winter is the time to hunker down and scan a whole bunch of old material for new viewers.

2010 brings the Punk Turns 30 Archive Restoration and Preservation Project forward. As many readers know, last fall, there was a flood in the warehouse where many of my pictures (as in negatives and slides) were stored. Thanks to good pals who were my proxies, nearly everything was rescued. Now I'm restoring it.

2010 brings more in the wave of punk rock coffee table reading with no less than Joan Jett and Cheetah Chrome (two of the best wielders of the Gibson Les Paul) bringing forth memoirs this year.

Here's another image of Joan Jett with Blondie's then-bassist, Nigel Harrison (fresh from Silverhead!), backstage at the show that Blondie opened for Iggy Pop when David Bowie and the Sales Brothers were in his band.

I've unearthed a lot of treasures that I just can't wait to scan.

Stay tuned...


Hugh said...

Are you in NY? Hope you have some Bowie n Iggy together!

Theresa K. said...

not in ny... but cold just the same.
find iggy n bowie together here