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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Punk History: Lobotomy's 15 Minutes of Bandwith...

Penelope Avenger & Rodney

This is one of my favorite photos, and from the mail I get, its one of yours also... its The Avengers' Penelope Houston in her youthful prime together with Mayor of the Sunset Strip Rodney Bingenheimer in his prime as well. If you want to hear the interview that's being done while I snapped away, click on the title of this post. You'll be transported through the magic of http to Punk Not Profit, and while there, you can read about The Avengers and they offer a link to downloads of the actual broadcast of Rodney on the ROQ the very night the Avengers were there, and that Billy Idol did a phone interview! Oh - and Rodney interviews Pleasant and me as well... keep listening and you'll hear Penelope interview Billy Idol!

I recommend that you open another browser window, listen to the show and look at these pictures of that very night in Pasadena, California in 1978...

plz avengers rory WEB96
Avenger Jimmy Wilsey, Pleasant with Danny Furious and in the foreground, Rory Johnston

avengers at KROQgrayWEB
Avengers drummer Danny Furious

wilsey at KROQ web
Avengers bassist Jimmy Wilsey

avengers live
Avengers live

plz phone boothWEB
Pleasant on the phone

plz billy airport walking
Pleasant and Billy Idol

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