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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Punk Turns 30 Archive Restoration Fund

On September 14, there was an URGENT message in my email from awesome rock chick, Jahna Rain, telling me of a flood in the basement storage area of a warehouse where a big chunk of the Punk Turns 30 photo archive has been stashed.

There was significant flooding and the landlord wanted all the stuff out immediately (ostensibly to clean, restore and repair his property), so I sent out a global 911 to everyone in my email address book. Maybe you received it. I have to say that I'm rather touched by the replies I received from folks on MOG who read my post there.


That's pretty gross looking stuff, isn't it?

David Landis, a graphic designer friend of a friend who happens to live in the general area where my archive was stored, was kind enough to drop what he was doing the following morning and schlep my waterlogged boxes of photos, slides and negatives to his house, where they were carefully transferred to new, clean, dry storage boxes and bins.

While some of my archive sustained that kind of damage, most of it merely got wet and I can fix it. I have the skill set but I need your help!

I've got two big things to do:

1) Get my stuff out of David's way and out of his house, and
2) Repair and restore everything.

Luckily, only about 20% of the loot seems to be damaged beyond repair. The rest can definitely be restored.

I need help now, in the form of any kind of contribution - via this nifty ChipIn widget below.

I live in Tennessee and my stuff is in New Jersey. I need help paying for packing and shipping between NJ and TN, and for purchasing the solvents and solutions I need to clean my films.

Every penny helps and counts.

Thanks for your help. And remember - if you don't have two cents, if you have two friends to whom you can send this post as a link (or send this:, or if you have a website, myspace or facebook page - and can embed my widget (just click on it!) you have indeed helped!

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