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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Greetings to the Survivor of the Sunset Strip

Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley has seen it all - been there, done that - twice or maybe even nine times! He's been in the music biz longer than many of you dear readers have been alive. Today marks another anniversary of the occasion of his birth.

Ben & Kim
With a Dirtbombs drummer, Ben Blackwell, circa 2004

And as seen in the CD booklet for the Dirtbombs double CD set, If You Don't Already Have a Look, (my vote for best album title and concept EVER)

Mick & Kim
Mick Collins and Kim Fowley

Now Kim can add "filmmaker" to his many accomplishments.

Kim Fowley as Satan of Silverlake
As "Satan of Silverlake," in 2007

Doll Boy In Bondage
As "Dollboy" in bondage, in 2007

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