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Monday, May 04, 2009

Jack Oblivian is The Disco Outlaw
and his album is out NOW!

jack backstage hives
Jack Oblivian

About a year ago, Jack Oblivian and his Tennessee Tearjerkers did a few dates with the Hives, the young Swedish rockers whose biggest influence was Memphis' Oblivians, hence the invitation to share a few stages.

pelle jack phone11
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and Jack O

Around the same time, Jack was going in and out of Memphis recording studios putting together a new record. That record is now available for your listening and purchasing pleasure! Just click the title of this blog post and you'll be transported to the Goner Records online store. Goner is also the label that is releasing Jack's latest... Disco Outlaw.

Back in the 70s, "death to disco" was one of the many rallying cries of people who played or preferred punk rock to the other music that was born in that decade. I think it only fitting that the 90's best punk influenced rocker (just listen to any of the Jack O songs from the Oblivians repertoire....) takes the opportunity to poke some titular postmodern fun at the whole phenomenon.

Veteran readers of this blog already know that I find the Oblivians whole DIY method THEE purest punk attitude of the 90s... the Goner label was created by Eric Friedl Oblivian to release Oblivians music (on cassette for starters!), and taking a cue from the Ramones, each band member was (and still is) called Jack, Eric or Greg Oblivian. Most important however, is the attitude of doing anything (musically) you want to do and just doing it. While the Oblivians unleashed alot of fast, furious punk music, they also tipped their hat to the soul and gospel music of their home base of Memphis, TN, birthplace of rock n roll and soul music.

jack and jp
Jack O and John Paul Keith

This Saturday, May 9, Jack Oblivian and The TN Tearjerkers celebrate the release of Jack O is... The Disco Outlaw.   John Paul Keith and The 1, 4, 5's open the show at the Hi Tone.  Its just a $5 cover...  a price that hasn't changed since punk rock days.  If you're in driving distance of Memphis on Saturday night, this is what you must do.  You won't regret it and these guys will rock you

Also, unless you've been under a rock this year, this is a reminder that the Oblivians will reunite and tour with the reunited Gories over the summer. They'll be playing their respective home towns of Memphis and Detroit, and several cities in Europe.

The Oblivians tour... Jack O has a new record.... its gonna be a great summer!

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