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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lux Interior Photographic Eulogy

Let me just preface this with the thought that I know many people out there who have their own blogs come here looking for photos to illustrate them. I do not mind if you use my images of Lux or the Cramps or anyone pictured here BUT... please notify me/ask and give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that the photos came from
thank you,
Theresa K.


lux live small

cramps live 3 small

live cramps whisky

cramps b movie portrait 2 colorized small


Lux Interior


Sydney Hell said...

I never got to see them play!

I linked your blurb to mine, thanks for having such an awesome blog!

cheetah shine said...

hello cheetah shine here, took heed to your peface, gsve you credit and a link to your blog, thanks.