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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tom Verlaine

verlaine pose

If in the 60s, Iggy & the Stooges and the MC5 out of Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan inadvertently upped the stakes of a new genre of music by inadvertently inventing punk rock --

yellow iggysmall Wayner Kramer

they were building on the lo-fi underground kick-off by NYC's Velvet Underground - and it was NYC that became the Mecca and ground zero of that budding movement.

cale mic 1small lou reed roxy 6-a96

The downtown streets were fertile ground for creative people who could do not much more than make their art.

Johnny Thunders David & Syl

The New York Dolls were the segue between glam and punk... and Television, Patti Smith and Richard Hell were the bridge between poetry and music.

television band shot roxy 78 - web

Most importantly for the history of NYC's underground music scene and birth of NYC's punk rock destination of choice: CBGB, we must tip our collective hat to Television's Tom Verlaine. He is the man who convinced CBGB owner Hilly Kristal to turn that old man Bowery bar into the club that ruled the punk rock roost for over 30 years.

Today is Tom Verlaine's birthday.

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Marilyn Roxie said...

I was going to do a post on Tom Verlaine myself, but this one at Punk Turns 30 wraps things up nicely, and with some pics I haven't seen. Tom Verlaine turns 59 the same day I'm turning 19! :)