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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pop Goes Stiv's Hometown
Youngstown Hosts International Pop Overthrow!

frank portrait
Frank Secich

North East Ohio's own Frank Secich is one of those quiet, below the radar guys. You wouldn't know by looking at him that he's played in three important bands to come out of the fertile North East Ohio music scene.

In the 70s, he was a member of Blue Ash, and then joined Stiv Bators in a couple of projects including a line-up I refer to as the Latter Day Dead Boys and the Stiv Bators Band that recorded Stiv's pop gem of a solo record, Disconnected. Years later, Frank formed Deadbeat Poets who have for the past year thrilled critics and fans alike with their fine wine version of power pop.

frank stiv tub

What is the "fine wine version of power pop?" Well, its NOT bath tub gin! If you remember the kind of silly television commercial from the 1970s for Paul Masson wines in which the venerable actor/director/auteur Orson Welles proclaims "we will sell no wine before its time," then you know the thought process I'm taking here...

If pop music by young men is a bright and cheery Beaujolais Nouveau, then pop music as performed by veteran pop musicians is a zesty Zinfandel, much more complex and mature, but still red wine and mmm very tasty!

frank coffee cup
Frank Secich listening to playback of Disconnected in the studio

It was Frank Secich who convinced Stiv that making pop records was the right next step to take in the wake of the Dead Boys implosion. In 1979, Stiv and Frank went to LA, stayed awhile and recorded singles for Bomp, including this cover of a North East Ohio pop chestnut, "Its Cold Outside," which was originally recorded by The Choir, which spawned The Raspberries, easily America's most renown power pop band.

Frank Secich, Stiv Bators & Greg Shaw
Frank Secich, Stiv Bators, Bomp's Greg Shaw


I found this of Stiv and Joey Ramone (my two fave guys to hit the road with!!) doing that song:

Thought you'd like to see and hear the original:

Given the brief but rich history of the crossroads of power pop and punk where they meet in Ohio, its only appropriate that the International Pop Overthrow Festival is being held in Youngstown (Stiv's hometown) this weekend.

IPO Youngstown November 14, 15 & 16th!

David Bash is bringing his International Pop Overthrow Festival to
Youngstown for the first time ever. The IPO has been an annual
fixture in New York, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Nashville,
Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto & Liverpool for many years. Now ,
Youngstown will join that group. This is great chance to see many
of the area's fine young powerpop bands and a few older ones as well.

Frank Secich and the Deadbeat Poets!

Here is the schedule for the first ever IPO Youngstown & more info!

Friday, November 14: Cedar's Lounge
23 N. Hazel St.
Youngstown 330 743-6560

8:00 The Smith Bros.
8:30 SKooBER
9:00 The Speeds
9:30 Gems
10:00 Saul Glennon
10:30 Yellow Delicious
11:00 The Zou
11:30 The Deadbeat Poets

frank headphones

Saturday, November 15: Cedar's Lounge
23 N. Hazel St.
Youngstown 330 743-6560

8:00 The Plastic Hearts
8:30 The Dreadful Yawns
9:00 Pale Hollow
9:30 The Jellybricks
10:00 Triggers
10:30 Sky Dragster
11:00 The Infidels
11:30 Blue Ash

Frank Secich, David Quinton, me & George Cabaniss, a "Disconnected" reunion in Youngstown in 2005

Sunday, November 16: Cedar's Lounge
23 N. Hazel St.
Youngstown 330 743-6560

8:00 Billy Sullivan
8:30 Good Touch, Bad Touch
9:00 Greenlawn Abbey
9:30 Wino Riot
10:00 The Tamboureens
10:30 Readymade Breakup
11:00 First In Space

Billy Sullivan, Dead Boy Jimmy Zero, me and David Quinton in Youngstown

Also, Blue Ash "No More, No Less" release info with bonus CD's at:

Not Lame

Kool Kat Musik

at Collectors Choice

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