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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pleasant on Film and DVD!!

billy plz goodbye-SMALL

"She's rock royalty" says a voice on the trailer for Underbelly, the movie about Punk Rock It Girl, Pleasant Gehman's alter ego, Princess Farhana. And she is!

72joan billy

Royalty... Pleasant introduced Billy Idol to all the LA punks....

kid plz

And she and Kid Congo Powers were turned into performers by Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

wrede pic4myspace
Pleasant, Lance Loud & me, photographed by the late great Herb Wrede

Pleasant was everywhere, observing all the things that people in years to come would admire... such as the recordings, life and legacy of Lance Loud.


Pleasant was best friends with all the important chick singers! I say that with tongue in cheek, but if you have followed my Unguarded Moments tour, you would have seen just how frequently Pleasant, Debbie Harry and Belinda Carlisle were photographed together... and Pleasant's presence in these private moments of punk rock's golden years are a narrative unto themself.

Perhaps that's why there's been a movie made about her....

Here's the trailer:

mumps bromly2colorized
Pleasant and her favorite boys...

Pleasant and her best gal pal

make up mirror small
Pleasant ---- ready for her close-up since the 70s.....

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