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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tonight's Presidential Debate

Johnny 2

Johnny Ramone would disagree with everything I'm writing about today. But he's not voting anymore, so... that's a non-issue.

I live in Nashville and the city is where tonight's Presidential Debate is taking place. At Belmont University.

Tennessee, I understand, leans towards Senator McCain.

I do not.

This is my political message here from my bully pulpit.

Here's my deal: I don't want my tax dollars going to waste on more war. I don't want the USA to drill baby drill in Alaska or off the coast of my hometown (although they're already doing that). Instead, let's think about renewable and sustainable.

The only Maverick I want to see in the White House is Brett Maverick - James Garner. Yeah -- let the White House employees and staff watch reruns of Maverick on TV.... and that's the only sort of Maverick that belongs in the White House.

Remember the Keating Five? You know how you are broke now and your investment portfolio means nothing? Thank the Maverick, John McCain. Thank his party for their penchant for deregulation.

Don't let the Maverick (John McCain) blow your family dollar again!

Furthermore, I don't want a hockey mom who shoots endangered species from a helicopter for sport to be one heart attack away from the Oval Office. Hell, I don't even want her in the building.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, I'd gladly have him as second in line should his running mate, Barack Obama become unable to execute the duties of the office of President.

I was not sold on him when the race began. No. I wasn't sold on Hillary either. But the Harvard Law School educated Senator from Illinois has won my commitment to vote for him. Of course, he keeps sending me emails (signed Barack... I feel so close to him and to Joe!) asking for $5. I guess that Harvard Law School student loan bill will chase you til you're in your 40s so you can't foot the multi million dollar campaign bill you've rung up.... all kidding aside. I haven't donated cash to a campaign since my cash was flushed down the toilet with the worst Supreme Court decision ever made... that one in 2000 that put W. in the Oval Office instead of the candidate that most of the USA and I voted for, the Honorable Al Gore. Now Gore is a filmmaker, just like me!

I guess you can look for me on the watch list now....

Actually, while I care deeply who you vote for, you just BETTER vote.

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