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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Punk Rock Talking Americana...
and Tommy Ramone TONIGHT!

Tommy Ramone
Tommy Ramone, 1977

Tommy Ramone, the producer genius and drummer for America's premier punk rock band, The Ramones has been doing this fabulous alt.bluegrass thing as Uncle Monk together with Claudia Tienan for a few years and I'm happy to report a few shows on the road away from their native New York. One is happening in my current home - Nashville, Music City, home of the business of country music and where starting this week, the Americana Music Conference is taking place.

Uncle Monk's first show in Nashville will be at Norm's River Road House on
Tuesday, September 16 TONIGHT for the "Pre-AMA Road House Jam," with a fabulous line-up of great artists. Then on Saturday, September 20, they will play my favorite Nashville club, The Basement for the "Americanarama" bash.

So, you probably want to know why this punk rock chick is talking Americana.

Well, let me tell you - Punk Rock and what we now refer to as Americana grew up together and some of punk rock's most respected veterans are also the forefathers of the and punk country/cow punk legion of artists upon whom the "Americana" label can be applied. I'm talking The Dils, John Doe, Exene Cervenka, The Blasters and Grammy-nominated Plimsouls founder and solo artist in his own right, Peter Case. A couple years after the initial punk fireball, there were bands like Jason & The Scorchers who really raised the bar.

Therefore, on Thursday, when the conference opens and presents their Honors & Awards to celebrate Americana legends & rising stars, the seminal punk country Jason & The Scorchers will be among the honorees in a star-studded show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium.

rick price & warner hodges
Georgia Satellite Rick Price with Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges (1980s)

Why don't you dig out your Scorchers records and jam on down memory lane...

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