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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goner Fest 5 Begins!

jack hat 3

Tonight as Thursday September 25, 2008 turns into Friday, my good friend Jack Oblivian will perform at the 5th Goner Fest in Memphis, TN. This marks Jack's second starring role on a Goner Fest night with the Tearjerkers.... although he's made appearances at Goner Fest with Knaughty Knights, as a member of the Limes, though this year Shawn Cripps has a whole new line-up for that project, as a guest vocalist with the Royal Pendletons and as a member of the garage rock supergroup, Brand New Love Affairs. Wonder if I'm leaving anything out? Jack plays dirty rock n roll the way its meant to be played. Don't miss him.

But before the night gets rolling, you'll want to stop by the Goner Store itself... King Louie One Man Band will reprise a role he's played before... opening the festivities with an unpredictable and always fun set. Dare I say it - King Louie might just be the equivalent of Dee Dee Ramone for the post-punk set... you might think he's a crazy, chaotic punk bad ass, but underneath is a multi-talented force to be reckoned with.

King Louie

In 2005, Punk Turns 30 made its Memphis debut at Goner Fest, and this year, the Goner store hosts a photo exhibit by Geoff Ellis. That party is also Thursday in the late afternoon - kicking off the festivities with Louie.

Visit for the full schedule... here are a couple of my favorites:

Turpentine Bros
Turpentine Brothers

JPK and monsieur
John Paul Keith and also Monsieur Jeffrey Evans

If you can't be there.... you can listen online!
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