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Thursday, August 14, 2008

So - This Election...

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The flag is upside down. Its a reflection of the state of the world.

The smartest guy I know was telling me about a local election in his town. It seems that the Republicans have run that place for more than 100 years; no Democrat has been elected in over 100 years! So, what happened there was that enough Democrats changed their party affiliation last week so that they could vote OUT the incumbent Republican... and the victor was the one less evil. Pretty sad state of affairs when the choice is the lesser of two evils.

But what I have to applaud is the way people took to the polls and used their vote to fire a bad leader. For these so-called leaders are really just high profile civil servants. They work for us. Our tax dollars pay their salary. We are the boss. Clear?

The political conventions are coming up very soon... America is thisclose to electing its first Black President. So many people can't wrap their head around that. If the Democrats had gone the other way, America would be thisclose to electing its first woman as President. So this is a banner year for the USA. Like it or not, a change has actually come.

Thirty years ago, we were not in a General Election year... that happened in 1976. Jimmy Carter was president from 1977 - 1981 - basically The Golden Age of Punk Rock. Democrat. Peanut Farmer. A dude who lusted in his heart. He won a Nobel Peace Prize too (2002). He's anti-death penalty and was the first President to support legalized abortion. It should be noted that on both the death penalty and abortion rights, he turned his thinking around (for the better, if you ask me).

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1978 - Santa Monica, California

I voted for him. Most of my friends (who were at least 18 in 1976) did as well. The next general election was 1980. Ronald Reagan emerged victorious in that one. That whole Iran hostage thing... that situation was strange, politically speaking. Although the release of the hostages was negotiated and secured under the Carter administration, the hostages were released on January 20, 1981 moments after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President and George HW Bush (our current President's dad) was Vice President. A skeptical person wonders just exactly WHAT a certain Presidential Dynasty had to do with that timing... regardless...

This is 2008 - another General Election year and our choices are John McCain for the Republicans and Barack Obama for the Democrats. I'm a little bit left of the Dems, and registered as an Independent, but always vote Dem. You can vote for whoever you want to - but you MUST vote. Its your right and privilege. Do it.

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