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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dog & Pony Show - Vintage Punk Rock Weekend
Los Angeles Takes Care of its Own

dog and pony show

This Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles, it will feel more like 1978 than 2008... LA's original underground, punk rock and local legends will rock Safari Sam's in a 3-night-long series of benefit concerts that will provide funds for medical assistance to the music community. Billed as a Music Festival and Art Auction in Memory of Chris Gaffney, the event is the culmination of hard work and love and concern among friends helping friends.

You don't have to get any more involved than going to the show, paying at the door and if you feel like taking home any cool souvenirs, you can bid on some auction items donated by many people and their businesses, including Punk Turns 30. If you can't be there, Punk Turns 30 is offering many of the same photos that are available at the Dog & Pony Show auction at a 30% discount to distance buyers. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Medical Assistance fund - in your name and mine! Please visit the Punk Rock Gift Shop for details, photos, the Paypal shopping cart, etc. This offer ends on September 2.

NOW - here are some photos of who is playing:

dave alvin
Dave Alvin

pc live 3 WEB
Peter Case

The Knitters, which is comprised of Dave Alvin and the members of X:
john and exene96

Levi Dexter, whose perfect rockabilly hair you see in the photo below:
levi dexter

If you are in LA, please go to this show - you'll get a time travel trip back to the Golden Age of LA Punk Rock in full force and you'll be doing a good deed... PLUS... there's BBQ!!! If you don't live anywhere near LA but want to help the LA Music Community... visit the Punk Rock Gift shop dot com and help from a distance with a click or two.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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