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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Vintage Punk Rock Weekend

Xenia B Girl - she'll be your alibi

Toronto's Fabulous B Girls are playing the Queen Street Celebration at Luminato this Saturday afternoon along with Johnny and the G-Rays, Mary Margaret O'Hara and the Parachute Club. It's free.

When: Saturday, June 7th, 1:30 - 6 pm (B Girls @ 2 pm)

Where: McCaul south of Dundas beside the Ontario College of Art and Design has more info for you!

cynthia portrait
B Girl Cynthia Ross

If you're in California - Los Angeles to be precise, this weekend, you MUST visit the Museum of Contemporary Art on June 7 for Target Video's Underground Forces. More info is available online at

Target Video was (at least to me) the punk rock equivalent of Andy Warhol's Factory - it was a huge loft space where music and video and art people converged and stuff happened. Bands played and Target videotaped them, creating a fascinating and comprehensive document of the life and times of punk rock on the Western Front. But more than just documenting the bands, Target's video art was... ART. Long before any of the video artistes were able to even look through a viewfinder, Joe Rees, Jill Hoffman and Jackie Sharp were mixing image, music and message to create something that opened the floodgates for the likes of future video performers (think EBN, whose work you saw on U2's Zoo TV tour) and music video producers and directors. All roads lead back to the punk influence - and I think the Target show - Underground Forces is appropriately named. Finally, if that isn't enough to get your ass to downtown LA, Henry Rollins a hardcore success story if ever there was one, will be DJing from his own record collection!

But not all the fun stuff isn't limited to happening on Saturday...

tyler keith
Apostle TK - Tyler Keith

If you're in Memphis today - THURSDAY, June 5, hit the Cooper Young Night Out and see Apostle TK aka Tyler Keith perform at Goner Records at 6:30 PM. Its free. He's an unpredictable and fiery performer with a range from wild and chaotic punk rock to lowdown and dirty garage... he's a witty raconteur too. Tyler Keith is the man behind the Southern underground legends, the Neckbones, Jenny Jeans, and Preachers Kids. He's the most humble overachiever ever. It will be your great loss if you miss him in this intimate and immediate setting...

So - Northeast, South and West, you got your weekend cut out for you... go forth and enjoy.

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