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Thursday, May 15, 2008

On The Road With The Hives

Pelle & Greg

Back in 2004, The Hives, Sweden's garage rock sensations invited The Reigning Sound to open their US tour. Also on the bill were Sweden's all girl group, Sahara Hot Nights. Above, pictured backstage at NYC's Irving Plaza are the Hives frontman, Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and the Reigning Sound's frontman, Greg Cartwright comparing their day's record collecting finds.

4 of 5 hives, nyc
4 out of 5 Hives

Earlier that evening, I was dining on Irving Place (a street upon which I used to live, in fact) at the historic Pete's Tavern (where the writer known for his irony, O. Henry, used to hang out and presumably eat, drink, write and was merry) with the Reigning Sound's publicist, Betsy Palmer and Reigning Sound bassist, Jeremy Scott and his brother Jon. Jeremy had to leave the burger-fest early to prepare for the show, but Betsy, Jon and I finished our meal and leisurely strolled the three blocks back to Irving Plaza and sure enough, ran into The Hives (well, 4 out of 5 of them) who were nice enough to stop for picture taking opportunities.

He's money!
Jeremy Scott in the picture that launched a website full of goofy photos of bass players with their money

The Hives gratefully pay their respects to The Compulsive Gamblers and Oblivians, two bands featuring the incomparable guitar and songwriting talents of Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber. The Hives have performed Greg's outstanding Stop and Think It Over on stage and on the shows I saw with the Reigning Sound opening, Greg joined the Hives on stage to perform it with them. Gotta love having your greatest influence around for that kind of on-stage fun!

Well, this year, The Hives have just hit the road, opening their US tour in Atlanta, Georgia with Jack Oblivian and the Tennessee Tearjerkers opening the first three shows.

Jack Yarber aka Jack Oblivian

Its no secret that I believe the Oblivians saved punk rock from the mainstreaming of the genre, and basically resurrected it in the 90s... but for my money, Greg and Jack's other band together, the Compulsive Gamblers was the one that would hint at the musical greatness both men would continue to develop and exhibit with the passing of time. I'm thrilled beyond belief that such a high profile band as the Hives are showing their big audience where the music came from.

bubba terrence jack
Bubba Bonds, T-Money and Jack O

If you are in Nashville or Indianapolis, you can still catch this great bill - check out Jack's myspace for venue dates, etc.

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