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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Billy Idol in LA, 30 Years Ago

Billy Idol Shopping in Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it was 30 years ago, almost to the date, that Pleasant and I, under the guise of our Lobotomy fanzine, served as Billy Idol's hostesses on his first Generation X promotional trip to Los Angeles.

joan billy

This image of Billy Idol at Joan Jett's apartment may be the most well-known image and story of his first Los Angeles trip - but I think the most fun pictures were taken while we were shopping in Hollywood.

make up mirror small

Pleasant had been waiting a long time for this chance to hang out with Billy Idol. We had been talking with him on the phone when he called in to Rodney Bingenheimer's Sunday night radio show, Rodney on the ROQ. We felt like we knew him well already, so once he arrived on our sunny shores, our shopping hit list was all ready to go.

Billy Idol Shopping on Melrose

Melrose Avenue was the hipster shopping street back then, and little has changed, consumer-wise, in 30 years. Melrose is still happening, but at about 1000% more cost.

Billy Idol in Hollywood

Over on Cahuenga Blvd. at the international news stand, Billy is recognized by fans.

idol licorice pizza in-store

He is warmly greeted in Licorice Pizza for his record-signing meet and greet session.

billy idol in the car

He looks great first thing in the morning, as we pile into a car to tool around town one last time.

idol reflection

I catch him and his reflection in a shop window. This is probably my favorite of all the Billy Idol photos I have taken. But then again, I also love the photos we took in the airport - LAX, because you just can't do that any more.

plz billy airport walking

And of course, Billy is recognized again, one last time, as he tries to go home.

billy airport whos who

We bid good-bye to Billy Idol at the very last footstep before he sauntered down the jetway to board his plane. Next thing we knew, he was a big star...

billy plz goodbye-SMALL

1 comment:

alan said...

I stumbled across these Billy pics and your Levi& the Rockats photos while looking for Cramps info
(RIP Lux).
I went to Billys Lic Pizza signing and was way into the scene despite being a rather surfed-out lookin dude from Newport. I'm in Rock n Roll HighSchool for a couple seconds and I sang in Mnemonic Devices and used to sell Tinyart badges.
I would sneak backstage at the civic for Clash, Buzzcocks & more.Belinda & Jane would always be back there.Remember me?
...Thanx for the Memories
-Alan Schwarz