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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Michigan!

Tom Potter, 2:30 AM over a burger in East Lansing, Michigan... cel phone camera shot.

I do wear my heart on my sleeve and people who know me know that I bow to the punk rock greatness of anything musical to come out of Tom Potter's head... The man who brought forth Seger Liberation Army, Bantam Rooster, Detroit City Council, the man who brought fuzz and humor to the Dirtbombs now brings you Chrome Spiders.

On Friday night, I saw them for the first time, although I have been playing the life out of the one track they've got on their myspace jukebox - Bobcat in a Briefcase. Coincidentally... that's a pretty apt description of all musical sounds that originate with Tom Potter.

Tom takes a cigarrette

Friday's rock n roll + photo show with the Gore Gore Girls and Chrome Spiders at Macs Bar in the big college town (and capital) of Lansing, Michigan had the energy of... well... a bobcat in a briefcase... If you like your music punk, keep an ear and eye out for Chrome Spiders.

I would like to thank Mac's Bar and its owner, Chuck, for having the Punk Turns 30 photo show... Rich Tupica for setting up the show and putting flyers up all over town, Gore Gore Girls for their friendship and for bringing some extra added rock on the eve of their departure for a European tour (Detroit can catch them on April 5 at the Northern Lights Lounge), and of course, Tom Potter and Chrome Spiders for stepping up at the first thought of doing this show... and of course... all the people who came to the show and made it a rocking good time. You all made the 1,000+ miles I drove in a day and a half completely worth it!

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Rich said...

just found this!
it was a blast having ya!