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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sham 69 Back in the USA!

sham 69 live

Sham 69 are the last of the true old skool punk rockers. They defined a whole new genre back in the heyday and now they are back in the USA preaching the punk rock gospel -- If the Kids Are United, They Will Never Be Divided.

dave parsons live
Dave Parsons

Check out their world tour dates on their myspace page - they are in California for a few dates from March 7 through March 16. Then its on to the rest of the world - Scotland! Russia! Greece! New Zealand! Australia! Czech Republic! Croatia! Serbia! and back to the UK.

Rob Jefferson

I used to see Sham back in the day, and saw them with their new frontman, Tim V last summer. Sham 69 is the songs, the attitude and the fans! Sham 69 is united.

Tim V. (you may remember him from Specimen and Alien Sex Fiend)

Check them out.

dave and ian 1
Dave Parsons & Ian Whitewood

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