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Monday, March 31, 2008

The End of an Era

lee profile for web
Lee Greenfeld, the man behind Magnetic Field
photographed in the Magnetic Field photo booth

Magnetic Field, the bar / rock club on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights closed their doors after five years. The last week of March was a non-stop rock n roll extravaganza of local luminaries who graced the stage for a final time to go out in style and to tip their hats and hands to the house that Lee and Will (his partner in the bar) built.

Read about it in the Village Voice by clicking this sentence.

mary with RS
TK photo from the recording sessions for DANGEROUS GAME (2006)
Brooklyn, NY

Legendary Girl Group icon, Mary Weiss was one of the many performers hosted by Magnetic Field. She made one of her first "come back" appearances on the Field's stage during the annual Atlantic Antic. AND... Greg Cartwright (Compulsive Gamblers, Oblivians, Reigning Sound) not only led the Reigning Sound in backing her, he too has performed at Magnetic Field - doing those rare solo acoustic things that one is lucky to catch.

The Plimsouls, circa 1980

If I wasn't already a big fan of the Field and of Lee's taste in music, their booking of my life long friends, The Plimsouls in 2007 earned Lee, Will & Co. a permanent place in my punk rock heart. Its not often this band reunites, but when they do, it is stellar. I'm glad Magnetic Field hosted their Brooklyn show.


Magnetic Field was also the home of the NY area tribute to Greg Shaw, who passed away in 2006. That they hosted this tribute is just another reason I loved the place.

greg stiv frank
Frank Secich, Greg Shaw, Stiv Bators, 1979

Another thing about Magnetic Field is that it was a friendly neighborhood bar (even if it wasn't in your neighborhood! I knew if I was looking for New Bomb Turks front man, Eric Davidson (who was once my neighbor in the 718, but then I moved), I knew chances were great that he was at Magnetic Field. If I wanted to see the A Bones or just hang with Billy Miller, Miriam Linna or Bruce Bennett of that band... I could probably find them at the Field, too!

bruce & billy
A Bones Bruce Bennett & Billy Miller, 2006

In the five years that Magnetic Field was the western anchor of live music in Brooklyn, they hosted so many events and shows, and were just plain hospitable beyond belief... there's not enough room, even in cyberspace, to pay them the kind of tribute they deserve. Even a week's worth of rock n roll to end it all with a big bang wasn't enough...

I am truly proud to have been able to hang up my latest exhibit, Unguarded Moments: Backstage and Beyond at Magnetic Field during the month of January. The photos looked great in the bar, and Lee, Will and the staff threw the greatest opening and closing parties.

mag field blondie card

I will most certainly miss Magnetic Field... and their absence makes Brooklyn just a bit less dynamic... but fear not! Lee and his Dead Flowers Productions are carrying on the tradition in venues all over town... have vibe, will travel!

Lee, Will, and all the bartenders ... thanks for five fun filled years!

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