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Friday, February 22, 2008

Punk Gems... Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

Back in 2005, right after Hurricane Katrina had displaced him and thousands of other New Orleans residents, I met the infamous and celebrated 90s punk rock anti hero, King Louie. It was at Goner Fest 2. He was performing in his One Man Band mode and also with The Persuaders. He was also working on a recording project called Loose Diamonds.

That's most of the band pictured above, Harlan T Bobo, Louie and Jack Oblivian. The other guitar player, Chad Booth had already left town before we took this picture in the soft rain that Hurricane Rita brought to Memphis, covering the vista with a soft fog but playing havoc with the lights and power.

Loose Diamonds, 2

Last night at Louie Fest, I finally witnessed a performance of these rock n roll gems... Loose Diamonds. I'll have to share some video with you soon, because I shot some.

But in the interim, in honor of Loose Diamonds and King Louie, enjoy these 2005 images of that inadvertent super group.

The Loose Diamonds Gang

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