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Friday, December 14, 2007

Rocking it in Atlanta

Joey Ramone & Rick Richards
Joey Ramone & Georgia Satellite Rick Richards, NYC 1988

Tonight, I am expecting local hero and life-long friend Rick Richards to come down and join the fun at the Star Bar. Punk Turns 30's Unguarded Moments exhibit opened in the downstairs lounge last night. Great turn out and I especially like it when photographers come to the shows and we talk shop about film stock!

I want to give a big public THANK YOU shout out to Eric Holder of ISP-Music for sponsoring the snacks for our reception last night. The egg rolls were a big hit! Just like in old skool punk rock days, a lotta broke-ass band kids had dinner at happy hour...

Although I am careful not to say "happy hour" in Atlanta, as I understand that phenomenon is illegal (WTF???) Anyway - come on by again, ATL, to the Star Bar just about an hour before the music starts and hang with us.

Ian McLagan and two Forty Fives
Small Face Ian McLagan and Bryan Malone and Mark McMurtry of the Forty-Fives

Bryan Malone of the Forty Fives, Burmese Crush and who books shows at the Star Bar helped me put together a great old skool punk rock playlist on his iPod which we are playing in the lounge... Here are some of the bands whose music will form the soundtrack to your vintage punk photo viewing experience:

Generation X fronted by Billy Idol

Billy Idol in Hollywood

The Jam

Paul Weller

The Plimsouls


as well as Peter Case's pre-'Souls band, The Nerves whose original version of Hangin on the Telephone you'll hear right after a killer live version of Blondie's Rip Her to Shreds.

debbie waving

Finally - if you are indeed in the ATL, this is a great night to come party at the Star Bar -- its their 10th annual Toys for Tots night - and if you bring a new unwrapped toy, that'll serve as your admission. There's lots of bands - local fun stuff for your holiday cheer.

See you tonight Atlanta!

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