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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mump Kristian Hoffman Saves The World
Well, My World at any rate

mumps headline

The second apartment I had on my own (the first being the Famous Lobotomy Apartment on Franklin & La Brea) was two doors up from the Whisky, on Clark Street. As you can see from the street sign, Clark Street and San Vicente are one and the same piece of road that has a different name on either side of Sunset Blvd. And on that corner stood the World Famous Whisky A Go Go.

I have photographed the marquee of the Whisky more times than I can remember. But I was never so thankful for anyone in a band who saved a photo from me that had them on that marquee... How would anyone remember if not for archive and preservation angels such as Kristian Hoffman?

xtian in dukes small
Kristian is also an angel for letting me take his picture while he's eating!

Two and a half years ago, Kristian was putting together the fantastic Mumps compilation, How I Saved the World for Sympathy for the Record Industry. I was traveling and had stopped off in Cleveland for four months but luckily, was carrying a bit of my archive with me. Even better, the part of my archive that Kristian wanted to see was traveling with me... and that was color photos of Mumps.

lance and rob lance

You have no idea how difficult it is these days to find a lab that still works with film and negatives and makes silver prints or C prints. I've been all over the USA over the past 3 years with these photos and I'm stymied at almost every juncture. Luckily, through the suggestion of some friends in the CLE, I found a lab that made the whole transaction of providing contact sheets and then prints for Kristian somewhat workable.

The end result is that quite a few of the color photos ended up in the deluxe booklet in that compilation. I highly suggest you add this to your record collection. Read about it and find links to buy it here. I suggest this not because I want you to see my photos, but because Mumps made some of the most original and fun music of the times. They were beloved by all your heroes... they were friends with all your favorite bands and loved and respected by them. Back in the day, Mumps could share a bill with any band and no one in the audience would find it strange... Mumps quirky pop played well with others. Frequently, the played with ex-Blondie bassist, Gary Valentine and his power pop trio, The Know. They played with fellow power pop cult figures, The Quick, and many times played with The Dickies... a few of whom started their musical career as roadies for The Quick.

The LA punk rock love fest and intertwined family... yes indeed.

mumps with chuck wagon

Here's a photo of the late Bob Davis aka Chuck Wagon of the Dickies joining Mumps on stage at the Whisky.

Kristian Hoffman's influence on me ranges from my moving to NY to the choices I make at the record store... his friendship is something I cherish in ways I just can't express. His attention to detail and his penchant for archiving and preserving this episode in our lives called Mumps has reconnected me with these images that I get to share with you because Kristian caused these negatives to become prints.

Give him a listen some time. You will likely agree with me that he's a genius among us.

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