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Saturday, December 01, 2007

24 Shopping Days Til Xmas

Cool 5x7 soft-cover booklet of tour poster and handbill images

What a great gift this would be for someone on your $25 and under list!

We ALSO have an online fulfillment vendor in Dot Photo where you can buy a variety of prints from the tour and get them in just a few days... or you can visit the regular Punk Rock Gift Shop for some specialty items (hand-made silver gelatin prints!) such as the Classic Cramps portrait that will not be available after the Unguarded Moments Tour is over...

I can't believe its already December, but since it is and the countdown to Christmas began the day after Thanksgiving... here's an early seasonal salvo:

I remember back in 1977 or thereabouts... there was this fantastic and ridiculous Xmas single that Gary Stewart who worked at the Rhino store insisted I get... I'm so glad I have it... its a group of LA locals recording as The Ravers and "Its Gonna Be a Punk Rock Christmas!"

Its simply reminiscent of a whole different era... before Rhino was the sine qua non reissue and box set label, it did have a keen ear and eye for novelties (they did release records by Wild Man Fischer, remember! and "Fish Heads" and an all-kazoo rendition of "Stairway to Heaven", among other things). One thing about Punk Rock Christmas that stands out and puts everything in its place... this is definitely a record collectors record... from beginning/concept/recording to end... what other songs can boast the lyric: "What do you want for Christmas, little boy? I want 10 copies of 'God Save the Queen' with a picture sleeve!"

Think about making it a Vintage Punk Rock Christmas for yourself and all your friends...

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