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Sunday, September 16, 2007

In Praise of The Jam

Most days I think that apart from Eddie Baranek, I am the only person I know who LOVES The Jam and everything each of them has done since. But I'm happy to say that I am wrong!

While reading the Goner Board, as I do all day long whilst my computer processes things, or my scanner is doing its thing, I read this post about a live Jam show download-able in its entirety at the Sailor Jerry blog.

So I went there and downloaded all the tunes. I highly recommend you do too!

I was also most impressed by the vintage in-concert photo of the band and the depth and breadth of the blog itself. I guess its time to take the plunge and get that mobile phone web access so I can read stuff like this while traversing this great big country by train, which I'm getting ready to do in just a few weeks.

I don't know what else to say about the Jam that I haven't already said!

But here is a recap:

One ) They are a Power trio - all a band needs to be, really.
Two) They draw from Exemplary Influences for their sound and their own songwriting... and that would be Small Faces, Kinks, Motown and Neal Hefti (ie: "Batman" theme), to name but a few.
Three) They have a Keen Fashion Sense.

Oh, and back in the day, they did treat us (the Lobotomy crew) very very well, gave us incredible access to them in their otherwise most not-open-to-the-public moments. In more recent years, I'm happy to say that I helped close a Midtown Manhattan hotel bar with Paul Weller, his wife, his dad and great record collector, music fan and exemplary label honcho, Glenn Dicker and his very cool wife (she's a doctor!). The preceding Paul Weller concert had been amazing. The post-show wind-down was relaxing, and the conversation was on par with the Algonquin Round Table, if they talked about music. The lovely Mrs. Weller even introduced me to a cocktail I'd never thought of ordering before - The Singapore Sling - because its made with gin, a spirit with which I've had some bad experiences in the past. Yes, that link is to a recipe, although I think that this recipe is a little more like the one I had.

buckler colorized small
Rick Buckler

I have a few additional words of praise for Paul Weller's dad - John Weller, whose profile you can see in the shot above - he's behind Rick Buckler and he's writing something down, using the nearby VW van as a surface. Mr. Weller remembered in clear detail just about every moment of the Jam's first couple of trips to Los Angeles, as I recounted to him moments I remembered (because I had photos of them). I think I even told him that my first bad experience with gin, the liquor of England, was as a result of the Jam's April 1978 tour and specifically their press party in Los Angeles.

jam bus strip

So, if you're one of those who doesn't LOVE The Jam, give them another chance. Go to the Sailor Jerry blog and listen to that 1981 show. You won't be sorry.

bruce foxton 1977 whisky a go go
Bruce Foxton

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