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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Robert

Robert at the Midsouth Fair

Please raise your hands, your beers and glasses of champagne to Robert of Kiss n Run Booking, the king of bringing great garage and punk bands and their music from the USA to Europe.

There's a big rock show birthday party at Vera in Gronigen, Netherlands, so if you're in driving distance, you should go!

Robert's birthday bash @ Vera -- Groningen
doors open 20:00 (that's 8 PM for those of you who don't do the 24-hour clock)

20:30 The Hipshakes
uppers enocky hipshakes
The Hipshakes boys are in the back row - behind Rockin Enocky and the Leather Uppers.

21:00 Redondo Beat
Roman Aul of Redondo Beat - I don't think he'll be drinking coffee tonight, though

21:45 Harlan T Bobo & the Chimps

Harlan T Bobo, quite possibly the most handsome man in Memphis, who doesn't like it when you want to take his photo outside the live performance context. Because he puts on such a fantastic show, and because his music is amazing, I will let him get away this stuff like this. But he should beware.

22:30 LiveFastDie!
livefast die web
Here are 2/3 of LiveFastDie! - Ethan and Aaron

23:15 Jack Oblivian & the Tennessee Tearjerkers
Robert was actually present when this photo of Jack Oblivian was taken in Memphis about a year ago.

Isn't this the show of all shows?

Happy Birthday Robert!

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