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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Backstage and Other Unguarded Moments

darby corner

That's the theme of the Punk Turns 30 2007/2008 Tour. We are hitting the road in October, starting in Oxford, Mississippi, moving on to Memphis, Tennessee and then to destinations in the Midwest and East Coast, the Gulf Coast and finally the wild wild West in Springtime.

Backstage and Other Unguarded Moments is a collection of images of punk rockers in situations that the average viewer doesn't see or experience. Unlike the live, in-concert photos where the artists are putting on their ALL intentionally, backstage, at home, in the studio, at rehearsals or at home... its a whole other story!

backstage whisky grey

Come see up close and personal how these punk rockers are the light in a dingy room!


We've got your Sex Pistols like Paul Cook, above, and we've got your beloved Dee Dee Ramone and Dead Boy Stiv Bators

Dee Dee & Stiv - your fave?

We've got your beautiful Belinda Carlisle, transforming right before your very eyes from punk urchin to international pop star!


In this show, you'll go behind the scenes, backstage, to the radio station, recording studio, hotel rooms and even home with your favorite punk rockers.

In Joan Jett's Bedroom

You have seen these pictures, digitized here and you've seen them in magazines like Creem, Rolling Stone, Trouser Press, even Music Life in Japan! But there's nothing like looking at 16 x 20 inches of silver halide coated paper and a bunch of grains that look something like this...


These are just some of the images and artists whose faces you'll see on display when Backstage and Other Unguarded Moments makes a stop in your town! I hope to see you there!

For any of my readers who own/operate businesses... by popular demand, this season, I'm publishing a catalog/ can advertise. Please check out all the sponsorship opportunities at this sponsorship information site!

See you on the road!

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