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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Demons Claws

demons claws in columbus, oh

The last couple days, I've been listening to nothing but Satan's Little Pet Pig by Montreal's Demons Claws. I'm happy to report that they'll be doing a serious tour of the USA again in the late fall. If you've never experienced the Demons Claws live, you will be in for a treat - unexpected action with every song...journeys into the dark side of the imagination, flirtations with twang, all-around dirty guitars, dry French humor and a joyous sense of menace, if there can be one.

Demons Claws will be hitting the road with the Coat Hangers and if you want to save the dates and mark your calendars, click this link to the label Rob's House Records. All the info you need will be there, and then some!

Rob's House Records is a cool indie label in Atlanta, GA doing it right (that means indie/DIY/cool bands/limited, very limited editions). Check them on the web: Rob's House Records.

Demons Claws amazing album, Satan's Little Pet Pig is on In The Red, one of the indie garage/punk names you can trust.

demons claws

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