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Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26 is Lady's Day

Eighty-seven years ago, on Aug. 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing American women the right to vote, was certified in effect by Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby. Of course, we have always run the show! I think its time to show off a little punk rock girl power in pictures once again. Yes, we recently had a lengthy photo tribute series to the ladies who rock the punk - but its definitely time for a reprise!

You all know Cramps co-founder, Poison Ivy Rorschach, the lithe lady with a big guitar who invented a whole new punk genre.

Diane Chai of the Alley Cats
Alley Cats co-founder Dianne Chai has a big surprise for fans of this loved-by-all and legendary but mysterious Los Angeles band. Please click this link to Time Coast Music and see what vintage Alley Cats music you can listen to and download for next to nothing. It will make you happy, I guarantee.

miriam linna

Miriam Linna, early member of The Cramps, eternal A Bone and co-founder of Norton Records. Everything that Miriam undertakes is bonafide and worthy of your listening. Click the Norton link and see for yourself.

Double Bass bucks

Joanna Spock Dean, member of seminal LA all girl punk band Backstage Pass pictured on her front porch with fellow bassist, The Woggles' Buzz Hagstrom. If not for Backstage Pass, The Damned might have been shit out of luck on their first trip to Los Angeles and The Masque would have taken much longer to have opened.

belinda plz rosemarie

Belinda Carlisle, Pleasant Gehman and Rosemarie Patronette aka Wyline, the It Girls of LA Punk Rock and proof that punk rock can be pretty. Of course, Belinda became an international pop star... Pleasant was honored by the City of Los Angeles for her contributions to the city's culture... and Wyline is one of those behind the scenes ladies known as "The Glue," someone without whom much couldn't happen.

And the First Lady of Los Angeles - Exene Cervenka

exene blisses out 96

Chrissie Hynde

As a young woman, Chrissie Hynde left the fertile punk rock breeding ground of Ohio for London. She came back the USA as an "overnight sensation," after lots of dues-paying that only her London peers witnessed up close and personal.

p in white

The Avengers' Penelope Houston needs no introduction. A riveting performer, deft lyricist and blonde bombshell all in one!

debbie waving

Blondie's Deborah Harry takes blonde bombshell all the way to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Joan Jett & Nigel Harrison

Joan Jett was still in the Runaways when I took this blurry photo of her and Nigel Harrison backstage at the Santa Monica Civic when Blondie opened the show for Iggy Pop but her stand-out star power was undeniable. She is another punk rocker who has not compromised her music and still has become an internationally known rock n roller.

While Joan Jett was a neighbor and local hero for me, the lady who started everything punk rock for me was Patti Smith.

Patti, Dark & Light

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Rob Pierce - 2 Verbs said...

When you say Dianne Chai has a surprise - have you actually heard from Dianne? I'm just a fan, but I've trying to find out what she's up to and no one seems to know. Apparently Randy is in San Pedro, and he hasn't heard from her in years either. But if there's any way to send Dianne best wishes, she should know there's an Alley Cats page on Facebook and a whole lot of us miss her.