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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On this date in 1978

On this date in 1978, Pleasant, Randy, Kid and I piled into the little Honda Civic hatchback and headed down to San Diego to see Blondie open for the Kinks at the amphitheatre at San Diego State University. Somehow I think the word "Aztec" had something to do with the name... on this particular Kinks tour, the Davies brothers were at the peak of their, um... sibling rivalry. Each Davies man had his own wing backstage. The Blondies were backstage on Ray's side of the stage. Something he mumbled under his breath as he exited the elevator from the stage prompted us to start joking about the long rope that was on the floor. Blondie's keyboard player, Jimmy Destri demonstrated how to tie that rope into a noose, and provided me with an hysterical photo opportunity.

Of course, before this ultimate photo opportunity, he did let Pleasant and my sister demonstrate for the camera how two ladies tie a man up. Sorry, you can't see those photos right now. But only because I haven't scanned them yet! There's nothing X-rated about them at all. In fact, the whole rope series is pretty funny.

But since yesterday, I showed you Belinda Carlisle on a photographic tour of Los Angeles club's backstages... I thought I'd take you to San Diego today.

On that road trip to see Blondie in San Diego, many lovely pictures were made. There are two sets of portraits I'm quite fond of.

kid plz

Kid and Pleasant who always look like siblings when they're photographed together.


Nigel Harrison, who played bass for Blondie for the longest time and is co-writer of "One Way or Another." Of course, glam fans will remember Nigel from his days in Silverhead with the fabulous Michael Des Barres.

Where was Debbie Harry in all this? Looking fabulous, as always, and wearing the cool dress that Pleasant and I found at the All Saints Church Rummage Sale, that neither of us looked good in. But Debbie did...

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