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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Punk Guitar Heroes - Sex Pistol Steve Jones

Johnny Rotten & Steve Jones

Where would punk rock be without the Sex Pistols ? They opened the floodgates...they were notorious and their first go-round as a band was relatively short-lived. Steve Jones claims to have stolen his first guitar from Mick Ronson at a David Bowie concert that he gained entry to by posing as a roadie. Supposedly Jonesy and his buddies stole quite a bit of gear. That may be urban legend, or Steve's own web-weaving... but its a great punk rock story nonetheless.

I loved Jonesy's guitar playing on the Sex Pistols records.... their singles and their sole album. It sounded like his favorite band must've been The Stooges, and that was alright with me. But back in punk rock days, we didn't show Steve too much love. No, Pleasant, Randy and I, and maybe some others in the Lobotomy crew used to tease Jonesy RELENTLESSLY about that red hunting jacket in mock British upper class accents. After the infamous last Pistols gig at San Francisco's Winterland in January 1978, the Sex Pistols not only broke up, but decamped to sunny Los Angeles. You couldn't turn your head without seeing any one of them and Malcolm McLaren doing all the same punk rock things you were doing. We teased Malcolm too. That's what he gets for choosing the stay at the Tropicana...

Right now, in 2007, Steve Jones is the best thing on the radio! He's been a DJ on Indie 103.1 FM for a few years, and he plays good old rock n roll, regales everyone with fantastic, first hand stories of life as a punk rock pioneer, and has the best in-studio guests with whom he shares often hysterical and always engaging banter. Listen. You will enjoy it and it might just be the best part of your day!

Sex Pistols

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Mike Kole said...

Really miss Jonesy's Jukebox. I loved listening to him online here in Indiana!