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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Punk Guitar Heroes - Cheater Slicks Shannon Brothers


Tom and David Shannon (top, bottom) front the Cheater Slicks, another bass-free trio who have been playing loudly for the past twenty years. A little garage, a little punk, a lot of noise, a wall of guitars (and there's only two of them!) that snake around each other and snake around obscure influences from every genre on the planet to make quite simply Cheater Slicks music. Oh, yeah - and they are among the cool bands with a singing drummer, Dana Hatch. Tom and Dana both have vocal duties... but it is the guitar-fueled noise that really makes this band special.

Peculiar how noise-laden the Slicks music is, as these Shannon men are quiet, they're reclusive and they don't go out of their way to promote themselves, however, their legion of fans among their peers is awesome. On 2005's double-CD release by Detroit's Dirtbombs, "If You Don't Already Have a Look," you can hear cover versions of two Slicks songs, "Possession" and "Refried Dreams." Jon Spencer produced the band's fourth album, "Don't Like You."

Ah... but that doesn't really tell you why the Brothers Shannon are guitar heroes. For that, you really need to listen to the music. Its beautiful and brutal at once. Now that's punk rock for you.

You can see Cheater Slicks play LIVE on Friday night, June 15, at Cafe Bourbon St. in Columbus, Ohio. If you live in Columbus, you got no excuse!!!

Cheater Slicks discography (get it!)
* On Your Knees (Gawdawful, 1989)
* Destination Lonely (Dogmeat, 1992)
* Whiskey (In the Red, 1993)
* Cheater Slicks Don't Like You (In the Red, 1995)
* Cheater Slicks Forgive Thee (double LP In the Red, 1998)
* Skidmarks (Crypt, 1998)
* Refried Dreams (In the Red, 1999)
* Yer Last Record (In the Red, 2003)
* Walk Into the Sea (Dead Canary 2007)

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