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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans - Guitar Hero Dandy

jeff evans

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans is the great root of a sprawling family tree where the branches each have their own just-as-amazing pedigree as one another. Originally from Ohio, Monsieur has been based in Memphis for forever and each of the bands he's organized has featured the cream of the crop of musicians who call Memphis home, or home-away-from-home.

double monsiuer

Photographed in the fragile available light of a late afternoon/early evening in-store at Goner Records during Goner Fest 3, Monsiuer entertains mainly with Ross Johnson these days. The duo is a total laugh riot of comedy and the guitar/drums combo of Jeff and Ross are a smooth-in-the-pocket-yet-dirty rock n roll groove that no other 2-man band you might love can match.

Before I delve into Monsieur's musical family tree, I did want to wish him a Happy Birthday (its actually tomorrow, the 13th). He's celebrating with a show at the Memphis bar, The Buccaneer. If you're a Memphian, why don't you head on down and celebrate with Monsieur?


Jeff Evans and his projects 68 Comeback, Gibson Brothers and South Filthy (among others) have counted in their membership the following musicians, all of whom are in bands you should listen to: Greg Cartwright, Jack Yarber, Walter Daniels, Peggy O'Neil, Nick Diablo, Don Howland, Jack Taylor, Matt Uhlman, Jon Spencer, Jeff Bouck, Eric Friedl, and of course his current band-mate, Ross Johnson. There's more, to be sure... Monsieur has produced or recorded the likes of Tav Falco, Porch Ghouls, Mr Airplane Man, the list of his musical curriculum vitae is simply endless.

Monsieur Jeffrey Evans is a living legend. He is a witty raconteur, a musician with great elan and an encyclopedic knowledge of all good music that preceded him and surrounds him. He's a generous soul and makes a night out thoroughly enjoyable. If you want to collect his music, two good places to start looking are at Sympathy for the Record Industry and at Goner Records store - two sources for the Memphis music you need to hear, whether its punk or garage, soul or something else.

Happy Birthday Monsieur!

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Unknown said...

He was my next door neighbor in ohio . We were just kids. I remember when he got his first guitar and he only new 1 rock riff which he played over and over and over again. We used to build model cars then catch them on fire and melt them together to make horrific looking car crashes. One time i even caught the garage on fire doing so with my old pal. Jeff was always a dunny top notch fellow and friend. Glad you made it where you wanted to be....- wally Snow